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DHS Secretary Mayorkas tells Latin Americans US will not expel their children

That may be true, but saying it sure sounds like an invitation to come here.

What’s more, Mayorkas appears to suggest that the United States will bless unlimited immigration of children once we get our ducks in a row for processing them.

Here Mayorkas claims that the border is secure. What is he talking about?

7 thoughts on “DHS Secretary Mayorkas tells Latin Americans US will not expel their children”

  1. “Don’t come right now.” Of course people are not going to wait. That is invitation enough for people who are coming here to break our laws.

    1. Not only break our laws but also to exploit us American citizens by getting welfare, free education for their kids, free medical care, etc, etc.

        1. Definitely, it will cost us billions of dollars. But it will cost us with something worth more than billions of dollars, American lives. As a result of open borders, how many more Americans will now die at the hands of illegals thru reckless drunken driving or from criminal gangs? As a result of open borders, how more Americans will now die from the easier transfer of illegal drugs across the border? As a result of open borders, how many more Americans will now die as a result of COVID freely coming across the border. The dying, the suffering and other painful experience we will have to endure is beyond any dollar value … all thanks to a corrupt regime that stole an election.

  2. There’s something so wrong, creepy even, about keeping parentless children who can’t speak English, have no assets, and nowhere to live.
    Who is going to care for them?
    14,000 is a lot of vulnerable children.

    1. Maybe, perhaps, I can reduce the “creepiness” of this situation; I don’t know if I can but I’ll try. Here goes:

      There’s already a significant number of illegals in America. Many of them have left some or all of their kids back home with relatives or friends. With open borders those kids are being send to join their parents or other illegal family members in America. So these kids have a place to go to, a place to live.

      As to English, there is absolutely no basis for them to know English. They are welcomed at the border with interpreters. Their final destination in America will be strictly spanish speaking communities. And when sent to school, they will be taught English. Kein Problem hier.

      Other kids are being smuggled by human traffickers to work in labor or some other nefarious “job” in America. They have a place to go. And, of course the criminal gangs will “import” kids.

      As to money, there are no expenses when they cross the border. They are taken care of by our Border Patrol and far left organizations. It’s all well organized, well financed, from the moment they start the journey north.

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