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Video || Poor DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas can’t call the border crisis a crisis

It’s quite hilarious how the White House PR machine backed itself into a corner on not saying the catastrophe at the border is a “crisis.” Now they are in the Orwellian position of not being able to call something what it is, and Republicans are gleefully pounding them over the head with it.

You know that Mayorkas wants to call it a crisis, but he’s not permitted by the White House.

3 thoughts on “Video || Poor DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas can’t call the border crisis a crisis”

  1. “I am not spending any time on the language that we use” is what this idiot said. It’s far left extremism; there are words you are allowed to say, there are words you are strictly forbidden to say. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous it makes you look or sound, you must obey the Commandants of the far left extremist’s ideological religion. We, who love our country, knew this would happen if we voted the biden/camel-a regime into the Oval Office so we didn’t vote for them. But they wanted to ensure they got the power and control they sought and so the election had to be rigged to accomplish their goals, goals of (1) removing President Trump and (2) taking control of the Senate. To the huge detriment of our country, they succeeded.

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