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Washington Post, Associated Press corrects story saying Trump told Georgia to “find the fraud”

Many of you may have seen the Washington Post correction. It’s less well known that the Associated Press, supposedly by infallible Bible of journalism, made the same mistake.

From an AP correction that ran Monday night:

In a story January 9, 2021, about a phone call between then-President Donald Trump and a lead Georgia elections investigator, The Associated Press, based on information provided by a source, erroneously reported that Trump pressed the investigator to “find the fraud” and said it would make the investigator a national hero. A recording of the call made public two months later revealed that Trump did not say either and instead said that if the investigator looked into Fulton County the investigator would “find things that are gonna be unbelievable.” Trump also told the investigator: “When the right answer comes out, you’ll be praised.”

How inconvenient that an actual recording of the phone call surfaced. The clear implication of the original story, supposedly “confirmed” by several major MSM new outlets, was that Trump was demanding that Georgia make up results.

So much for all the old standards of journalism – evaluating sources, using two sources, etc. It was just GET TRUMP AT ANY COST.

The mainstream media have long been aligned with Democrats and the rest of the Left, but are now unabashedly and unrestrictedly so. That’s fine. But they need to stop pretending that they are objective “authorities” on what is news.

5 thoughts on “Washington Post, Associated Press corrects story saying Trump told Georgia to “find the fraud””

  1. Native Georgian here (Fla. now) and this is what happens when people leave liberal cities (NY, Chi etc.) and move to the South. If you go to a Dogers / Braves game there will be as many Dodger fans as Braves fans. Same w/ bball, football and any NY team. They also bring their politics. This lie that was distributed by every news org. including the AP IS WHY GA. HAS TWO DEM SENATORS.

    1. Mike L, I agree with you that the two factors you identified – influx of liberals and MSM lies – helped two GA Demoncrats get the Senate seats.

      Everything I read from conservative sources indicate a 3rd factor, specifically, Stacy Abrams and the role she played in how ballots were to be distributed and counted. She was allowed by the REP Governor and Sec of State to do as she pleased. And boy did she with mailed ballots to everybody even out of state, no identification checks, ballot harvesting, etc.

      After the NOV election, she was bragging how she got GA declared for biden. She performed the same shenanigans for the special election. So, it was highly predictable that the two DEMONcrats would be declared winners in JAN. And they were.

      President Trump was (and still is right) that with such shenanigans, there’s bound to be fraud and he wanted that investigated. It never was investigated, hence the results, results for which we are all paying a high price.

  2. The fix was already underway! Why wouldn’t the investigator that Trump spoke to come forward and clarify the situation?

    Trump had it correct all the way. Even when his tweets bothered me or I thought they were so far out… he was always correct that they were after him and his supporters.

    I’ll keep voting but what’s the purpose I ask!

    1. “I’ll keep voting but what’s the purpose I ask!” That’s a painfully tough question to answer because it’s one of those things where damn if you do, damn if you don’t. What’s exceptionally scary is self-righteous Pelosi’s legislation called HR1. If implemented into law by the far left idiots who are in control of our FED Government, it will codify all of Stacy Abrams’ shenanigans NATIONWIDE! That will be a death knell to our Republic as established by our Founding Fathers.

  3. This is why Trump labeled the main stream media “the enemy of the people.” If our republic falls, it will be because the media didn’t hold the powerful accountable — Republicans AND Democrats. The ref choosing sides, is never ultimately successful.

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