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Biden to hold first news conference, but not for another nine days

According to Fox News:

“President Biden will hold his first formal news briefing on Thursday afternoon, March 25, press secretary Jen Psaki announced Tuesday.

“At 55 days into the new presidency, many had begun to wonder why Biden had not yet held a solo news conference — separating him from over a dozen of his most recent predecessors. The stretch of over seven weeks is the longest period a new president has gone without meeting with the media in the last 100 years.

“Former President Trump waited 27 days into his presidency to hold a press conference, former President Obama waited just 20 days before holding one, and former President George W. Bush waited 33 days before taking questions from the press in a formal setting.”

9 thoughts on “Biden to hold first news conference, but not for another nine days”

  1. So will it be a press conference or will it be a read scripted answers from approved reporters who earlier submitted questions from a teleprompter event???

  2. It takes time, a lot of research and effort to choreograph an event such as to make a low grade, senile actor appear sharp-witted, to make him look like he is worthy of an Academy Award Best Actor nomination. There are ways of doing this; will find out 9 days from now what this brilliantly choreographed Comedy of Errors will be. I can’t wait!

    1. This performance by Joe might be worth watching, I’ll be looking for the arm of his puppet master the entire time! Maybe I’ll make some popcorn.

  3. I guess it’s taking them awhile to decide on the crisis/emergency/technical glitch that will conveniently interrupt this event, and whether to pre-plan it or wait for the first brain freeze.

  4. Kamala will be just to stage left, ready to chime in when JB lets rip one of his Biden Beauties…. she seems to be at most of his events. The optic is akin to having a home aide for gramps…not good.

    1. Not only is she akin to having a home aide for gramps, she is also like one of those internet hackers who stand ready to take control of some old senile person’s on-line financial accounts. In this particular case, she is ready, at any moment, to take total control of senile joe’s current powers as Head of State and Commander-in-Chief. I believe it’s a matter of time before senile joe is removed using the 25th amendment. Self-righteous pelsoi, in President Trump’s last days, established the mechanism to do this by establishing a “25th Amendment Committee” saying at the time “It’s not only for trump but for any future president”. She spilled the beans at that time for she already knew that joe is senile. Camel-a is the one they really want in the oval office.

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