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Biden Schedule || Wednesday, March 17, 2021

8:00 am || Attends a mass in honor of St. Patrick’s Day; Wilmington, Delaware
9:40 am || Departs Wilmington
10:30 am || Arrives White House
1:00 pm || Hosts H.E. Micheál Martin, Prime Minister of Ireland, for a virtual bilateral meeting

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefring at 3:00 pm

6 thoughts on “Biden Schedule || Wednesday, March 17, 2021”

  1. OT: I believe some people with a special ‘in’ at our government reads some of these comments, so here goes:

    Send out emergency announcements for people who sent their children to the USA to come get them and take them back home. Please.
    CBS claims there are over 10,000 minors now in custody at our border.
    We can’t deal with this tragedy of parentless, maybe thrown away children. We aren’t set up for this in any way.

  2. serdem65, Why did he mess with Trump’s successful policy about the border? If it isn’t broken why fix it.

    History will label Obama the Lazy President, Trump the Workaholic President and Biden the Absentee President.

  3. Biden, flew home yesterday just to go to mass at local church…. ya kiddin?
    And maybe after attending services at a Roman Catholic church , why not stop off at the local Planned Parenthood and drop in for a meet and greet. He could talk about saving lives at the border, saving lives while keeping masked up, and then say, well, you know, the thing…here’s a check to continue the hard work at PP.

    Doesn’t anyone see the hypocrisy in condoning public funded abortion and pretending you are a practicing Catholic?

    1. “Doesn’t anyone see the hypocrisy in condoning public funded abortion and pretending you are a practicing Catholic?” Yes, it’s obvious as hell. But, don’t forget Harv, senile joe is a professional, long term hypocritical politician. It’s all for show just to show people – those who are naive enough to believe it – that he is a man of faith, a good man. Bottom line is his religion is NOT the Roman Catholic Church, rather his religion is politics, politics of the worst kind.

  4. I get the impression that Joey is staying in Delaware much more than the weekends. People w/dementia must have consistency, schedules, etc. I have a family member that was in a memory unit. I was there a lot. Sundowning is real…

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