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Biden Schedule || Tuesday, March 16, 2021

10:15 am || Receives the president’s daily briefing
2:40 pm || Departs White House
3:30 pm || Visits a small business in Chester, Pennsylvania as part of the ‘Help Is Here’ tour to highlight how the American Rescue Plan helps Americans and their families
5:45 pm || Departs Delaware County, Pennsylvania en route to Wilmington, Delaware

All times Eastern

5 thoughts on “Biden Schedule || Tuesday, March 16, 2021”

    1. That’s the question that first came to my mind. Is this the early start of a long, long, long weekend? He must miss his Delaware home basement.

    1. He is going back to DE to visit his dog who was ousted from the White House. His dog is the only one that doesn’t laugh at his incoherent speaking style.

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