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Biden Schedule || Saturday, March 13, 2021

Vice President Biden is in Wilmington, Delaware. He has no publicly scheduled events.

7 thoughts on “Biden Schedule || Saturday, March 13, 2021”

  1. Well, to be fair, it’s been an excruciating week. He spent 90 percent of the time doing nothing and 10 percent taking credit for President Trump’s work. That’s taxing work, blaming others for your idiocy. He’s giving Barry Blamer a run for her money.

    1. So, is Biden sitting on the pandemic like Trump did? Is he lying to the American people like Trump did? Is Biden bullying people like Trump did? Is he sleeping with Kim like Trump claims?
      Are you getting a check anytime soon to help our economy? He Biden hiding away for weeks at a time?
      You are being quite harsh. And you need a bit more sleep.

      1. Is Biden ignoring the border? Ignoring Portland rioting and China’s naval aggression? He can’t one-up the warp speed vaccine! Is he lying? Yes, repeatedly. And the rammed through one party spendfest he signed won’t help as much as the 5 bipartisan bills President Trump signed.

      2. Trump said bad things……boo hoo hoo. Trump gave all Americans the greatest economy EVER. What’s Biden done beside put Americans, of all colors, last? Trump kept us out of any foreign fights, Biden started sending troops to Syria on day #3. Don’t get me started about shutting down the environmentally sound pipeline, just send oil by Diesel locomotive, what possibly could go wrong with that? How about letting possible Covid infected illegals into our country, while Joe lectures you to mask up? How do you feel about human trafficking at our border, or job opportunities taken from now unemployed Americans, are you ok with those things? I’ll wait for a response, but I don’t expect one since you’re so focused on “mean” things Trump said or Tweeted.

    1. Thanks, Panama John, for letting us know. Of course, senile Joe will never know the difference; he’s senile. It’s one continuous, long weekend nap for him.

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