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Video || Biden forgets name of defense secretary, can barely read his teleprompter

If this doesn’t scare you . . .

The president seemed barely conscious during remarks at the White House on International Women’s Day.

I’m exaggerating. A little.

At the end, he forgets the name of his secretary of defense, Lloyd Austin.

President Biden:

“I want to thank the former general who keep calling him general. My, my the guy who runs that outfit over there. I want to make sure we thank the secretary for all he’s done to try to implement what we’ve just talked about and for recommend these two women for promotion.”

11 thoughts on “Video || Biden forgets name of defense secretary, can barely read his teleprompter”

  1. I made it 9 seconds then had to quit. Why does Kammie always show? I guess she’s just waiting till she gets her turn. I believe it will be in the next few months. It’s going to get much worse and many don’t know that…

    1. You are right, Jen, it will get worse once senile joe is removed – for obvious reasons – and wicked witch of the West Camel-a assumes full power. Those of us who voted for President Trump knew this was coming if the rigged election was successful. Tragically for America, the rigged election worked.

  2. Joe Biden. The best candidate the Democrats could produce for the Presidency. Probably the cleanest, most honest, least indictable, most coherent – significantly, most popular candidate they could come up with. And the Republicans wouldn’t fight him, wouldn’t tackle the predicted election fraud They couldn’t even defeat even Joe Biden. Therein lies the responsibility for the situation in which we now find ourselves. Our team sat it out.

  3. So ! You didn’t like PRESIDENT TRUMP, eh ? He was a bully ! He said nasty things long ago. He gave our heroes, like Nancy and Chuckie funny names. He brought employers back to the U.S. He lowered unemployment. He restored pride in America. He was the nasty old orange man.
    So you allowed the greatest cheating steal in history and put “THIS” IN HIS PLACE, with a morally bankrupt, loose woman at his side.

  4. Old Joe at his best. Sounding confused, incoherent, mumbling.

    Its really hard to watch. Then he shuffles, yes, shuffles away from the podium with zero clue where to go. I don’t think this guy could ride a bicycle without training wheels, sad to say.

    Yikes, and I mean…. yikes

  5. Nothing scares me anymore. We’re all gonna feel like we’ve aged 1,000 years before we even get to the midterms and provide some accountability for Joke Biden and Heels Up Harris.

  6. There were tons of Georgians who voted for President Trump. Stacy Abrams was going around bragging that “she” delivered Georgia (GA) to biden. This is true; she did deliver it to biden. And, she did so with the help of the RINOs Governor and GA Sec of State without whose help GA would have been declared for Trump.

    Stacy Abrams was allowed by the RINOs to do anything she wanted with the ballots – mailing tons of ballots everywhere including CA and NY, no identity checks, no cross-checking with original signature, ballot harvesting. She got away with it. She was allowed to do same with the special election. With these tactics, it was a foregone conclusions that the two DEMONcrats were going to be declared winners on 5 JAN.

    The people of GA are not stupid. The election was stolen, thanks to Stacy Abrams and her enablers, the aforementioned RINOs

    This is how GA stole the election and Stacy Abram is one happy, proud DEMONcrat. Our nation will suffer and is suffering for this.

  7. Harris isn’t a natural born Citizen unless I read the article wrong on line. Father wasn’t born in the USA. Obama got by with it but Kamala best not. We the people need to speak out about that. Obamas father wasn’t born in the USA as they go by the father and not the mother.

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