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Psaki defends Biden “Neanderthal” comment about Texas and Mississippi

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Thursday argued that President Biden was only saying that there was evidence of Neanderthal “behavior” in Texas and Mississippi.

Yeah, that’s not a distinction they would use of someone said a Democrat was acting like jerk. They’d say they were calling him – or her – a jerk.

But Biden was frustrated and exasperated, like “many American people.” So I gather he has a right to call names and not apologize for it and pretend that he wants bipartisanship.

Doesn’t seem very Cro-Magnon of him, does it?

2 thoughts on “Psaki defends Biden “Neanderthal” comment about Texas and Mississippi”

  1. This from the same crowd who lambasted Trump for his supposedly “mean” tweets.

    What a daily clown show it is with this administration.

  2. “…frustrated and exasperated, like “many American people.” ”

    That doesn’t even begin to describe it. She has NO idea. None!!

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