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Kamala Harris speaks to Benjamin Netanyahu

What is going on here? This is the fourth major world leader Harris has spoken to.

Macron, Trudeau, Morrison of Australia, and now Netanyahu.

At least Bibi has already talked with President Biden, although the call was quite delayed in a show of Biden’s distaste for the Israeli prime minister.

Harris is actually a relatively pro-Israel Democrat, it seems. Her husband is Jewish, and her statements don’t reflect the level of hostility of some on the left.

But what’s odd is that, with Biden a not-particularly-robust 78, they are giving her this kind of role and experience.

According to the White House:

“Vice President Kamala Harris spoke today by phone with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, and underscored the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to the U.S.-Israel partnership. The Vice President emphasized the United States’ unwavering commitment to Israel’s security. She expressed strong support for Israel’s recent groundbreaking normalization agreements with countries in the Arab and Muslim world, and stressed the importance of advancing peace, security, and prosperity for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

“The Vice President and Prime Minister agreed on the importance of continuing close cooperation and partnership on regional security issues, including Iran’s nuclear program and the regime’s dangerous regional behavior. They discussed the importance of advancing scientific cooperation between our two countries and efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. They also noted their respective governments’ opposition to the International Criminal Court’s attempts to exercise its jurisdiction over Israeli personnel.”

1 thought on “Kamala Harris speaks to Benjamin Netanyahu”

  1. The W House statement sounds good, solid and amiable. If I were Bibi, I would take that statement with a grain of salt. He was, after all, talking to professional far-left, corrupt American politician who is extremely hypocritical, who typically says things the hearer wants to hear but does the opposite.

    Is it odd to give Camel-a this kind of role and experience? My personal opinion: no. Why? Because this has been the plan all along, to make Camel-a an Active Acting President since senile joe is incapable to hold a coherent discussion with foreign leaders over whom senile joe’s handlers have no control as to what he/she can say or ask of senile joe. Of course, senile joe is too senile to say “Hey that’s my job Camel-a; butt out!”

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