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White House dodges on why it refuses to reveal virtual meeting attendees

So much for the transparency administration.

They’ll tell the public who physically went into the White House.

But if you want to discuss your business in secret, just fire up Zoom and hold a virtual meeting with whomever you want in the West Wing.

According to the Daily Caller:

The Biden administration won’t answer questions on a recent decision to not publish the White House’s virtual visitor logs.

The issue was first raised in a Monday piece from Politico noting that despite multiple pledges from President Joe Biden and other top administration officials to reinstate the practice of publishing the full White House visitor logs, the White House would not be doing the same for the president’s virtual meetings.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki also dodged a question on the subject at Monday’s briefing. Real Clear Politics’ Philip Wegmann asked Psaki directly why that decision had been made, noting that publishing virtual meeting attendees is important for transparency during the pandemic and that doing so “would be easy to do.”

“He’s meeting with members of the Senate virtually today,” Psaki responded. “There, I’ve released it for you. What else would you like to know?”

Typically snippy and thin skinned of Psaki

3 thoughts on “White House dodges on why it refuses to reveal virtual meeting attendees”

  1. Psaki’s reply quoted above comes across as a condescending, arrogant non-response.

    As as to the Biden regime promising transparency what can I say except the following: these are professional, corrupt, non-ethical, shameless politicians who, with angelic smiling faces, will say directly to your face “We will be transparent”, “we will be unifiers” and other similar deceitful, fabricated falsehoods.

    And, once they get (or better stated, steal) power, they will unscrupulously do the opposite.

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