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Biden forced to establish a tent city for illegal immigrants

Donald Trump was scorned for his immigration policies. But this is exactly the kind of thing he was preventing.

By having tough immigration policies, you are telling people we are not going to take them, and so they don’t come and end up in squalid conditions.

President Biden’s message is just the opposite.

These immigrants are poor, but they are not stupid. They know that that Biden’s policies are more lenient and so they are flocking here. And now there is a developing crisis at the border.

But since these tent cities are run by Democrats, nobody will care.

According to the Washington Post:

“U.S. border officials are preparing to open another tent facility in South Texas to cope with soaring numbers of migrant families and children crossing into the United States in recent weeks, according to three Homeland Security officials involved in the planning.

“The temporary facility is expected to open in the coming weeks in U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Del Rio sector and will be similar to another “soft-sided” structure the agency opened in Donna, Tex., three weeks ago. That site and other Border Patrol facilities are under increasing capacity strain from the burgeoning influx of Central American minors and family groups in U.S. custody.

“Officials are also looking at the possibility of opening additional sites in Arizona, but those plans are less advanced, according to one official.

“The Del Rio sector tent facility, which will be located near the town of Eagle Pass, is distinct from another temporary shelter the Biden administration opened this week in Carrizo Springs, Tex., where Health and Human Services is holding migrant teens who crossed the border without a parent.

“President Biden has used executive authority to reverse several Trump administration border policies, but he is facing a looming crisis as more and more minors and family groups enter without authorization. The number of minors arriving without a parent has grown to more than 300 each day in recent weeks, a fourfold increase since last fall.”

9 thoughts on “Biden forced to establish a tent city for illegal immigrants”

  1. It’s horrible no matter from what angle you look at it, the spread of COVID or a national problem as INMODHIMMI and Panama John have suggested respectively. There will be increases of human trafficking, drug smuggling and and increased flow of illegals from all over the world, not just Ctrl America or Mexico.

    It is the O-bum-a immigration policy on steroids. They spend all their time and energy on helping, not the average American, but foreigners no matter the cost or pain inflicted on the hard-working, tax paying American or the nation as a whole.

    The average American knew this was coming if senile joe was elected, a life-long, corrupt politician the average American did not want nor elect.

    (PS: On a personal note, my sister lives only 1 mile from the Rio Grande in TX. She has seen increased flow of freshly-arrived illegals walking down her side street. There has been increased police sirens going after drug smugglers in her neighborhood. My sister locks everything up and does not go out once the sun sets. She is retired and lives alone. I live 2000 miles away in PA. I am concerned.)

    1. Did the freezing cold reach the Valley? Some time ago they had a big freeze which knocked out the grapefruit. People were so use to go to the backyard and just pick one off the bush. There is no comparison between the Texas Ruby Red and one from Florida.

      1. Did the freezing cold reach the Valley? I don’t know. I assume it did get cold but I don’t know if it got down to freezing levels. The deep freeze did hit where my sister lives; she lost power for 5 days and water for 7 days.

    2. I hope your sister has a weapon of some sort (don’t answer either way). It’s sinful how this administration treats American citizens (like your sister) and poor people from south of our border. I wish people would not address these people as immigrants, they’re invaders. There are millions of people who want to come here legally, why should someone who came through the back door uninvited be allowed to stay?

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