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Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance now in possession of Trump’s tax returns

Millions of pages covering nearly nine years of economic activity.

An ocean for the Democrat Cy Vance to conduct a fishing expedition.

According to the Washington Examiner:

A spokesman for District Attorney Cy Vance said Thursday that the subpoena for the former president’s records from Mazars USA was enforced Monday, a local NBC affiliate reported.

The move came just hours following a Supreme Court denial of Trump’s final push to keep his records concealed.

Filings obtained by the DA contain millions of pages of documents related to Trump’s tax returns from January 2011 to August 2019, including financial statements, agreements, and other documents relating to the preparation and review of tax returns, according to CNN.

Vance’s pursuit of Trump’s records are part of an extensive inquiry into the former president’s real-estate properties.

Trump sought to block the subpoena while he was in office and called the effort a “continuation of the witch hunt.”


10 thoughts on “Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance now in possession of Trump’s tax returns”

  1. … a continuation of the massive effort to destroy Donald J. Trump. I feel so much for President Trump; my heart goes out to him. I’ve got him in my prayers. May God be with President Donald J. Trump.

  2. Cy Vance, another legacy liberal swamp creature, is representative of the vindictive hatred on the left.
    Right now they’re going after someone who can afford to fight back, but eventually they’ll come for the little guy who doesn’t have the $$$$ to lawyer up.
    Wake up America — right and left!!!

  3. The the way it’s supposed to work in this country is that there is a crime, which is then investigated. In other countries such as China and Russia, there are targets, to which crimes are assigned. There’s no question as to how the justice system is working for Donald Trump.

    1. You are absolutely correct, GK. Unfortunately, with this latest witch hunt, I am afraid they will find something – no matter how ridiculous – charge trump, bring him to court before a corrupt anti-trump judge who will find Trump guilty and who will then send him to jail. If this were to happen … I hope not … but if this were to happen, self-righteous Pelosi’s wicked wish of getting Trump behind bars would be realized. An evil wish she couldn’t get accomplished with her 2 ridiculous impeachments.

  4. What happened to ONLY 7 years of tax records. Of course, Trump is OK and above board BUT average Joe Citizen throws away his after 7 years. You can scan them to eliminate a fire hazard of old papers and keep the thumb drive in a safe deposit box. Trump should SUE for razing beyond 7 years. Not even the IRS can do that we hope…

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