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Video || Biden looks like he has already aged in the presidency

Today was not a great day, it appears.

7 thoughts on “Video || Biden looks like he has already aged in the presidency”

    1. Exactly, China is a problem for sure — not only because of rare earths but also the many medications and medical products made in China. I just looked and just over half of semiconductor chips are made here in US. Not sure where the rest are made, looks like maybe Japan, S Korea, Mexico?

  1. Oh Yes! She is chomping alright. Lets not forget how she called Biden a
    racist during the primaries. That would be enough to disqualify her.
    But he doesn’t care, it was a political decision. One that he will regret!

  2. His gait makes him look like he left his walker someplace. Always looking for a place to land his hand to remain stable. I’m sorry, not trying to be mean, just observant. His stability is not sure, his hearing is questionable, and his mumbling of words is just sad. This is not a man in full control of his surroundings. It makes you wonder about his decision making ability as well. But we know the answer to that.


    1. That is why the few times they put senile Biden in front of a camera it is for a short time, in a tightly controlled event & never letting senile Biden talk to the “media” without a teleprompter.

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