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HHS nominee Becerra thinks common ground is possible on partial birth abortion

5 thoughts on “HHS nominee Becerra thinks common ground is possible on partial birth abortion”

  1. My seventh Great-Grandchild is due in 2 months. The thought of someone killing this innocent before or during birth sickens me, the same as someone killing this child after it’s born.
    There is no middle ground, there is no rational excuse for abortion on demand, and until we all see that killing someone is, indeed, murder, then the fight for life continues.

  2. While Romney was good on his point, he was too quick to move to the next question. He should have asked Becerra what exactly isthe common ground for partial birth abortion.

  3. Exactly WNY, ask the nominee HOW we reach middle ground. He simply repeated the question, added an anecdote, and said he hopes for the best.

    I am not a strong Catholic, never was, never will be. And I believe in the rights of the individual. And I have never been in a situation where a decision such as this was presented to me, so I am not qualified to opine fully.

    What I do know is this: Partial birth abortion happens in late term, not early. People had time to make decisions, their decisions. But waiting until the end and then making this decision seems morally wrong, bordering on criminal, and it should not be allowed unless there is mortal danger to the woman. Even then, it requires deep thought regarding the outcome for both the mother and child. And yes, at that juncture, she is a mother, not just a woman.

    I’m sure some will disagree. So difficult and emotional.

  4. As a Christian, there is no common ground. This is the killing of an unborn child, often a child of color and yet we hear NOTHING from BLM about these lost lives. If someone doesn’t want to bear the responsibility of having a child, take some responsibility and use birth control, otherwise give the child up for adoption. It’s disgusting how Democrats equate abortion with women’s healthcare, it’s nothing of the sort for the child! With Joe Biden in The WH, our country is once again, promoting abortion worldwide. There will be a reckoning.

  5. Liberals will vigorously defend their belief that execution of a hardened criminal is wrong, that it’s immoral, that one must exhibit compassion and mercy to another human being no matter how much pain and suffering the convicted criminal inflicted. For some reason beyond my limits as a human to comprehend and rationalize, these holy virtuous are nowhere to be seen or expressed by liberals when God through his manifestation of Nature is creating a beautiful little human being, one, which unlike a convicted criminal, is innocent and pure in spirit.

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