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Republicans highlight liberal wish list in Covid aid bill

It’s not just the Republican’s honestly. Every time there’s a big pot of money moving on Capitol Hill, everyone wants to use it to spend some of your money on their priorities.

Of course, Democrats are the worst.

According to Fox News:

The Republican Study Committee authored a three-page memo to conservatives to outline “all the left-wing items Democrats are hoping the public won’t find about.”

Among the provisions raising eyebrows among the conservatives are $1,400 stimulus checks going to mixed-status families with undocumented immigrants; allowing Planned Parenthood to receive Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds designed to keep small businesses afloat; and nearly $600 million for additional emergency paid family leave for federal employees and U.S. Postal Service workers, according to the RSC memo.

The memo also calls out subsidies and loan forgiveness to farmers and ranchers on the basis of race and ethnicity; allowing coronavirus funding to go to colleges that have partnerships with Chinese-controlled companies and Confucius Institutes; and doling out $50 million for environmental justice grant programs, which the RSC pans as “a thinly-veiled kickback to leftist environmental groups.”

The RSC memo raises concerns over extending PPP business funding to owners who could have a felony record, including “violent criminals,” and extending Medicaid eligibility for incarcerated inmates during the 30 days prior to their release.

3 thoughts on “Republicans highlight liberal wish list in Covid aid bill”

  1. If self-righteous Pelosi wills it, this so called Covid aid bill is a fait accompli in the House. Unlike RINO Republicans, Demoncrats stick together tighter than the STRONG Force, the strongest force in Nature known to date by physicists.

    I have no idea what will happen to this Bill in the Senate. The WHouse is a nobrainer; senile Joe’s handlers will make sure that senile Joe signs the bill immediately into law if passed by both House and Senate.

    If signed into law, it will be another blow in the series of on-going destructive blows onto the structure which defines our United States of America as established by our Founding Fathers.

    1. My hope is that Nancy Pelosi is revealed a la Andrew Cuomo. Up to now, her press coverage has only been glowing, just like the gov of New York. Cuomo is finally feeling the heat — is Pelosi next??!

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