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Blue collar workers aligning with the GOP: Poll

The populism and anti-globalism of Donald Trump is attracting swarms of blue collar workers into the GOP, with 57% now saying they support the Republican Party.

Blue collar workers and the middle class harbor the values that have always served to “make America great.” No wonder they are leaving the Democratic Party, as it caters instead to the elites, the identity politics crowd, and those with grievances against America.

According to the Washington Examiner:

“Blue-collar voters made a major shift from the Democratic Party to the GOP under former President Donald Trump, including those from Hispanic and black demographics.

“The percentage of blue-collar voters who associate themselves with the Republican Party has grown 12 points over the last decade, an NBC News poll found. During that same time frame, the number of blue-collar voters calling themselves Democrats declined by 8 points.

“The shift holds true across demographic lines, with more Hispanic and black blue-collar people identifying with the GOP. They have traditionally been hard for the Republican Party to reach. Between 2010 and 2020, Hispanic blue-collar voters indicating support for the GOP went from 23% to 36%, a 13-point swing. Support for the GOP among black blue-collar voters grew 7 points during the same time frame, from 5% in 2010 to 12% in 2020.”

4 thoughts on “Blue collar workers aligning with the GOP: Poll”

  1. This should not come as a surprise. No Republican President has ever been as successful as President Trump in appealing and attracting so many different segments of our society to the Republican Party. Why is that? Simple, President worked for the good of the common people and for the good of the country; he did not work for the benefit of the Establishment, the Elite, special interest groups, the politically correct nor for the good of other countries. What’s ironic and tragic is that many in the Republican Party leadership are part of the political elite, the Establishment. This is why people like Senate Republican leader McConnell have brutally attacked President Trump. President Trump should be praised and thanked by ALL Republicans.

    (PS President Trump will make his first public appearance this Sunday at the CPAC convention. He’ll give a speech. I hope I can find some outlet that will broadcast it live. I can’t wait to hear this great President speak!)

    1. well said JG.
      One other thing: Hispanics are faith based, family oriented. That smacks in the face of the woke left. I run a small insurance advisory firm. Many of our new clients are Hispanic and I can attest, they are hard working, family loving, and yes, traditional.
      Those values align with the right, assuming the RNC is not hijacked by the likes of McConnell and Romney. Terribly disappointed in both of them. They gotta go.


    2. That’s exactly what I think about it, JG.

      And Rebekah, what you said as well. This is particularly true: “Blue collar workers and the middle class harbor the values that have always served to “Make America Great”.”

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