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Kerry says we’ve got just nine years left to prevent climate Armageddon

Okay, okay. The survival of the species will be decided in the next nine years. And global warming causes snowstorms.

Is all of that clear?

According to Fox News:

John Kerry, the White House’s special envoy on climate, warned Friday that the U.S. only has less than a decade left to avoid the worst of a climate catastrophe.

“Around 2030 is the date at which we have to get the world now on the right path in order to cap the level of warming at that level of 1.5 [degrees celsius],” he said at a Munich Security Conference.

“The scientists told us three years ago we had 12 years to avert the worst consequences of climate crisis. We are now three years gone, so we have nine years left,” Kerry later told CBS News.

“There is no room for B.S. anymore. There’s no faking it on this one,” the climate czar said.

Kerry pointed to this week’s deadly snowstorms across much of the U.S. “Obviously we want to prevent this from becoming the new normal to the degree that we can,” he continued.

Kerry noted that the popular belief is that climate change only relates to temperature increases, not decreases, but said in reality it threatens all weather patterns.

7 thoughts on “Kerry says we’ve got just nine years left to prevent climate Armageddon”

  1. OK. Show us the way Kerry. Get rid of the plane, dock the boats , move into a sustainable home, only eat natural foods, and get back to us when you do all these things.
    We’re waiting.

  2. How many times have we heard the world is coming to an end? But we’re still here. Another thought, when did the Earth become static? If it was, where I live would be under water and dinosaurs would be roaming around. It is currently a high mountain desert climate and dinosaurs are fossils. So tell me again, when did the Earth become static? If Jug Ears Barack the Magic Nero believed we only have 9 years why did he buy a multi million dollar estate on the sea shore? Apparently he doesn’t believe the sea will rise and flood him out.

  3. Well Lurch, if Jesus decides to return in the next 9 years than you will have been proven right.
    Since YOU are not Jesus, and no one knows the time or place of His return except Jesus, you have no earthly idea what you are talking about.

  4. The time frame changes every year. The coastal cities were supposed to be under water in 2006, then, I think it was 2014 or 2016 where they said we have maybe one year left to reverse warming before we perish. Just like the face daiper b.s., a the majority of idiots keep falling foe for this crap.

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