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Computer repair shop owner who had Hunter Biden’s laptop sues Twitter for $500M

According to the Washington Examiner:

“The former Delaware computer repair shop owner who says he came into possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop sued Twitter for a second time over how the social media platform handled a New York Post story on President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, alleging the tech company defamed him by implying he was a hacker.

“John Paul Mac Isaac filed his lawsuit on Thursday in the Southern District of Florida, claiming he was forced to shut down his business, in part, because Twitter labeled the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop as being hacked materials, which he denied, and he said had caused damage to his reputation.

“A prior lawsuit, also claiming defamation and demanding $500 million in damages, was filed in the same court and tossed out by a judge in late December over lack of jurisdiction. In his new lawsuit, Mac Isaac attempts to bypass the jurisdiction issue. He also says that there had been defamation damages greater than $75,000 and that the exact award amount could be determined after a trial.

“In addition, Mac Isaac asked Twitter to “make a public retraction of all false statements and to issue a public apology” to him.”

5 thoughts on “Computer repair shop owner who had Hunter Biden’s laptop sues Twitter for $500M”

  1. Hunter Biden is really a pathetic man. His life seems to be in shambles.
    The computer guy was perfectly in his right to examine the laptop abandoned at his place of business. He was shocked and let the world know what he found there.
    On the other hand, being called a “hacker” is a good thing in some circles.

  2. I love it how you phrased it, Sergio! Jack Dorsey does look like a total ‘HOBO,’ as my kids would say. Imagine that this person and his minions have access to personal data of millions and millions of people. Terrifying.

  3. Did this weirdo Mac Issac ever publicly release what he found on scumbag Hunter’s laptop…?
    It was a “Major Breaking News!!!” story all over FoxNews…but I never saw anything; recovered documents? pictures?…???

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