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Biden finally hits the road, but is it actually the campaign trail?

President Biden finally got out the the Washington and went somewhere that wasn’t Delaware. He picked two battleground states, Wisconsin and Michigan, which is sparking speculation he is thinking about 2024.

Could be. If he makes it three in a row, then he might just be thinking that 82 isn’t too old to be president, which is what he would be at his second inauguration. Or 86, in the last days of a second term.

I don’t think he can or will run again, but I guess it’s fun the think that HE thinks he can.

According to Fox News:

“President Biden is hitting the road again – getting out of Washington for the second time this week as he makes the case for his top priority in the early days of his administration – a $1.9 trillion COVID relief package.

“Biden on Friday visited Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing facility near Kalamazoo, Michigan. Increasing vaccinations is a crucial element in the president’s recovery plan. The stop came two days after the president held a town hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Wednesday, where Biden pushed his proposal, which has seen GOP pushback over the price tag.

“Michigan and Wisconsin also happen to be crucial battleground states where Biden narrowly edged out then-President Trump in his presidential election victory.

“The itinerary this week has some political pundits wondering if a 2024 re-election is on the mind of the president and his political advisers.”

1 thought on “Biden finally hits the road, but is it actually the campaign trail?”

  1. Ha! senile Biden is no where near the “campaign trail”…
    These are carefully controlled & scripted ‘media events’ by his Handlers to show that Biden is alive and can walk around, outside of the basement/White House.
    I often wonder watching these pathetic “events” does senile Biden know WTF is going on…?

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