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Biden administration asks to meet with Iran

The Ayatollah must need a shoeshine.

The Biden administration seems to be giving Iran a meeting without getting a single concession. Soon, Iran can go back to pretending it’s not developing nuclear weapons, and once again with the funding the Trump administration had cut off for Iran to foment terrorism and war.

According to the Washington Examiner:

President Biden’s administration has opened the door to a direct meeting with Iranian officials in a bid to halt the intensifying standoff over the regime’s nuclear program and eventually restore the 2015 nuclear deal scrapped by former President Donald Trump’s team.

“The United States would accept an invitation from the European Union High Representative to attend a meeting of the P5+1 and Iran to discuss a diplomatic way forward on Iran’s nuclear program,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a Thursday announcement.

That statement raises the likelihood of a meeting between the U.S. and the other signatories to the 2015 deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Trump exited the pact and renewed U.S. economic sanctions that Iran hawks on his team hoped would force Tehran to accept tighter constraints on the regime’s nuclear program and roll back its other aggressive operations in the Middle East, but Biden and European allies regard the nuclear agreement as a mechanism to defuse a near-term nuclear crisis in the Middle East.

“The goal of coming together would be to sit down and to start what could be a prolonged path of trying to get back to a situation where both the U.S. and Iran were back into compliance,” a senior State Department official told reporters Thursday evening.

8 thoughts on “Biden administration asks to meet with Iran”

  1. Every time I read articles which prove over and over and over again how the Democrats are destroying all the good and totally sensible things President Trump accomplished, I just have to shake my head in disbelief and disgust.

  2. Reading about this action by the senile Biden regime is revolting and disgusting to those of us who love our country. This action is only a continuation of the obvious agenda to destroy everything President Trump did for the good of our country, our citizens and for peace thru-out the world.

    It is with great sorrow that I say the following: this is just the beginning. The senile Biden regime is just getting started on their agenda. He will soon be joined by warped-minded Schumer with his agenda to radically “change America” from the America we’ve always known and cherished to one that will be unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers. Self-righteous Pelosi has already started her agenda with the introduction of HR1, a bill that will dramatically change the way our elections are held and which will ensure Demoncrats staying in power for a long time.

    My heart aches when I think that, if these agendas are fully enacted, my grandchildren will live in a country that will be a harsh place in which to live; our enemies will be very pleased for we have destroyed ourselves.

    I will continue to pray for our country and its honest hard working citizens. There is always hope and there is no greater Hope than God himself no matter how hopeless it appears or difficult to understand.

  3. Thank you, JG. Our country does need our prayers now like never before. The country has been stood up on its head and nothing makes sense any more. What’s going on now in America reminds me so much of what I experienced growing up under the Soviet socialist regime. I absolutely do not want my children to live in the USSR 2.0. Americans must prevent this from happening.

    1. I feel so much for the Russian nation and its people; they have suffered much through out their history.

      For centuries the Russian people suffered much as peasants under the Czar regimes. And then, rays of Freedom could be seen appearing in the horizon when the Czar was overthrown. Stalin stepped in and quickly quenched those nascent rays of Freedom. Under Stalin, the people of Russia were subjected to unimaginable suffering. Those rays of Freedom began to re-appear when Communism fell. Sadly, modern day Czar Putin has blocked those rays of Freedom from blossoming and flowering.

      So, in my heart, I know exactly what you are feeling and from where you are coming from. Because of your experience, you have a special in-sight as to what’s coming to America given the current trends. Through this blog, you are making your contribution to battle the forces trying to convert our country into a “USSR 2.0”. Thank you for your contribution and efforts; may God bless you.

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