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Biden making a couple of exceptions to giving progressives everything they want

Even where he makes exceptions on the minimum wage and student loans, President Biden is doing most of what the Left wants, just not going quite as far as they’d like.

Not sure why he’s hesitating. We’re in an environment of everything goes — whatever progressives like and however much they want to spend is fine.

According to the Washington Examiner:

The White House and left-wing Democrats are likely heading for blows after President Biden appeared to close the door on several of their top demands, threatening to splinter the party.

The president used his first town hall in office to pour cold water on the liberals’ calls for $50,000 worth of student loan relief per person and also took a step away from them as he signaled he is open to negotiating a minimum wage hike to a point less than their preferred $15 per hour. His comments put the two long-standing demands from progressive lawmakers and activists in jeopardy.

Biden has backed a measure to relieve $10,000 worth of student loans per person. That’s a fraction of the $50,000 threshold hard-left lawmakers and activists are pushing for.

“I will not make that happen,” Biden said Tuesday at the CNN town hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, of the higher figure.

3 thoughts on “Biden making a couple of exceptions to giving progressives everything they want”

  1. Biden “…making a couple of exceptions…”
    Biden is a damn fool and senile, he will easily forget these exceptions and sneakily do what his shadowy left-wing/progressive handlers tell Biden to do

  2. Bidet Biden will sign anything they put in front of him. Remember his first day in office. He had no hand in writing all those EOs. but he sure did sign them.

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