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Biden immigration bill gives amnesty to millions and opens the doors to more

President Biden wants a complete reversal of the Trump approach.

And just to put a punchline on the joke, he would spend billions on fake efforts to get at the “root” of the problem by sending money to Central America.

According to Fox News:

“The biggest ticket item is an eight-year path to citizenship for illegal immigrants — which the White House has estimated to be 11 million.

“But it’s just one of a number of items in a broad bill that would also see illegal immigrants farmworkers, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients immediately eligible for green cards. There would also be funding for counsel for children and vulnerable adults.”It would also open up legal pathways to immigration even further, including expanding the controversial green card lottery from 55,000 a year to 80,000 a year and exempting children and spouses from visa cap numbers.

“The bill would “recapture” unused visas from previous years to help clear backlogs, and increase visa caps. It also scraps the “unlawful presence bars” — bans on legal re-entry to the U.S. for those who have been in the country unlawfully.

“Separately the bill also includes $4 billion in funding to target what the administration describes as “root causes” for migration from south of the border.

“The bill contains significantly less on border security than previous efforts on bipartisan immigration reform, including funding for technology to expedite screening and enhance the ability of officials to identify contraband.”

11 thoughts on “Biden immigration bill gives amnesty to millions and opens the doors to more”

  1. Reading the article above is enough to make those of us who love America sick to our stomach. It is the B Hussein Obama illegal immigration policy ON STEROIDS! Senile Biden’s and his warped-mind handlers’ guiding principle is B Hussein O’s guiding principle – work your butt off to help illegals and to hell with putting the thoughts, time and effort on how to help America and its hard working, average American citizen. We know the end result – a least those of us who love our country know – the end result is the weakening and the destruction of our country as we know it. Immigrants from thru-out the world are now making preparations to ILLEGALLY enter our country. They are ready to exploit our country to the detriment of our country – all with the help and blessing of a regime that the American people did not elect. May God be and help the One Nation under God – the United States of America.

  2. Biden must have the human trafficking folks in his back pocket.
    This insanity will cause more death and abuse of humans at the border. All for the sake of garnering future votes. Makes me sick.

    1. It’s beyond sickening. Just thinking about the many ways this fraud in The White House could have been stopped, makes my blood boil. I get so upset for my little nieces & nephews, as well as my adult kids, at the mess they will have to deal with. I keep repeating to myself that regardless of whoever is in The WH, God is in charge.

  3. Re: sending billion to solve the “root causes” of the problem in Central America.

    Read this article written in 2011 by an American lady living in Honduras. It does not need gobs and gobs of money to solve it. Also the multi billionaire families are not being asked to help out by starting companies to proved jobs. About 10% own about 70%. Or another way to look at it is 90% own 30%.

    1. Panama John – thanks for sharing article via the link … good read. In addition to the reasons identified in the article, may I add one more reason why sending billions won’t help.
      Billions thrown at “poor” countries around the world, if you look at historical data, has never “solved” poverty, misery, illiteracy, high levels of crime or unemployment or anything else; yet, the US Gov’t (mostly Demoncrats) keep throwing billions at them and it doesn’t work. Why is this? Answer, in one word – corruption – corruption in poor countries amongst their Gov’t “leaders” and their civilian cronies, the wealthy and powerful. Demoncrats Golden Rule is this: money is the solution to all problems; Demoncrats implement their Golden Rule with religious fervor.
      The USA is not exempt. I remember LBJ’s “War on Poverty” wherein massive amts of $s were thrown into social and welfare programs with the goal of eliminating “poverty” in the USA once and for all. How did that work out? Poverty in America before Trump was just as bad, if not worse, as in LBJ’s time.
      With senile Biden and his mindless handlers sending billions, nothing will be solved BUT the corrupt and unethical Gov’t “leaders” and their wealthy civilian cronies will be ecstatic; they will become wealthier courtesy of a corrupt USA regime that the American people did not want nor elect.
      (PS: President Trump had it right. He helped the poor – of all colors and ethnicity – by establishing programs at minimum Gov’t expense, programs where the poor were able to help themselves to get out of poverty. President Trump did not throw billions and set up welfare and social programs which are basically handouts that serve, for the most part, to make the poor become dependent on Gov’t. Rather the Gov’t should help the poor by enabling the poor to work themselves out of poverty thru diligence, discipline, hard work and pride in having accomplished it themselves. That was the approach by Trump and it worked as evidenced by one of the lowest poverty rates in America in President Trump’s 1st term. I miss President Trump and his leadership)

  4. You know what is really strange about Bidet Biden’s plan, currently you only have to hold a green card and be in the USA for 7 years to apply for citizenship. I know this because my nephew became a naturalized citizen 2 years ago. I read the requirements when he was in the process. This plan adds a year. I wonder if these people understand to become a naturalized US citizen you give up your home country citizenship. If you commit a felony and are convicted, you can be stripped of your naturalized citizenship and sent back to your original country.

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