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Video || Kamala Harris refuses to say whether teachers should follow CDC guidance and teach

The press would go on and on about how Donald Trump was dishonest. At least he answered questions directly.

But now we’re back to the old-style politicians who won’t tell you what they think and who answer different questions than those given.

When asked repeatedly whether teachers should follow CDC guidance and return to work even before being vaccinated, Kamala Harris’s answer was essentially, “I love teachers.”

In fact, she said that. And of course she does, their unions elected her and Joe.

Watch this incredible exercise in question dodging.

5 thoughts on “Video || Kamala Harris refuses to say whether teachers should follow CDC guidance and teach”

  1. Back in March of 2020, schools were suddenly shut down based on Neil Ferguson’s faulty modeling of 2.2 million coronavirus deaths in the US.

    Teacher unions are still using false information to keep schools closed. Like Ben Carson said: There are control groups of schools all across America who have largely remained open with in-person instruction and no COVID transmission between students and teachers. Why is Kamala Harris ignoring this scientific data happening in real time? What about the European counties that have open schools and no COVID transmission? Inconvenient truths and no media to hold the left accountable.

    Remember Samantha Guthrie’s aggressive interview with Trump? Why not the same for VP Harris?

  2. I have a special needs Godson in Chicago, he wants to be in school with his friends, he loves learning. Chicago teachers do not want to go back, and why should they, as they haven’t missed a paycheck! You can be sure these teachers have been dining out, shopping, perhaps traveling on the weekends WITHOUT a thought about Covid. There are many parents want to go back to work but can’t, because their younger kids aren’t in school. The Chicago Teachers Union doesn’t do anything for their students, just themselves.

  3. None of this is surprising . . . they ran the campaign this way by being vague and non-commital, and will continue on like this for the next four years.

    Biden and Harris don’t have any answers, anyway — the people with the answers are behind the scenes, pulling the strings, and they’ll never talk to anyone.

  4. Biden isn’t running the show, nor will Kamala once she eventually takes the Oval (what’s the over/under on that anyway?). It’s the behind the scenes folks, maybe Susan Rice and some others (reporting to Obama, Soros, etc.).

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