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How Biden could curb the Second Amendment without Congress

President Biden inherited Barack Obama’s pen and phone, and he’s going to use it even more liberally — pun intended.

Guns will be in his crosshairs.

From a piece by Fox News:

“I think that President Biden will try to get away with as much as he can with executive orders,” Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, told Fox News, adding that his organization is “very prepared to go to court” if Biden oversteps.

“What we’re expecting him to do is anything with foreign commerce — if the firearm is being imported in or magazine or ammo is being imported in — he could by executive order try to do something in that nature,” Gottlieb continued.

Gottlieb said Biden could use the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to tighten regulations he says are “beyond the scope of what Congress has given him the authority to do,” in which case he says the foundation is prepared to sue. But the White House has yet to nominate a leader for the ATF.

He also said the administration could slow walk the background check process, which is overloaded as gun sales are on the rise. The growth has been attributed to anticipation that Biden will act on gun control and fear and uncertainty amid the coronavirus pandemic and civil unrest, amplified by concerns of a cutdown on police presence.

Gun control advocates say the White House could take executive action to expand the background check system by redefining who is in the business of selling guns. They say they want to see the administration reclassify what is considered a gun in an effort to shut down the “ghost gun” market. Ghost guns are not subject to serial numbers or background checks because they are assembled from kits that include one unfinished piece, typically the receiver.

7 thoughts on “How Biden could curb the Second Amendment without Congress”

  1. Joke Biden is after all, a joke. The only way this would get through is if that RINO John Roberts decides the 2nd Amendment doesn’t actually apply to Americans.

    1. John Roberts is either shallow-minded or ignorant relative to reality and law or a Trump-hater. Perhaps all three, à la fois (simultaneously).

  2. Joe will have a very difficult time getting legal guns from the hands of middle-America, in the solidly RED area of the middle between the coasts. Just let him try.

  3. Blow Job Harris soon to be President Blow Job Harris, said during the campaign she was going to EO the removal of guns. I promise Blow Job Harris will make good on the vow.

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