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Mitch McConnell begins “project” to undermine Trump: George Will

Apparently the principled longtime conservative columnist is a great admirer of longtime Republican establishment political operative Mitch McConnell.

Will is right about one thing. The next two years, at least, is going to be a battle between Trump and McConnell for the Republican Party. McConnell is setting the contest up himself.

From Will’s column:

McConnell knows that Trump’s grip on the Republican base — its activist core, which is disproportionately important in candidate-selection primaries — remains unshaken. But not unshakable. Trump might soon have a bruising rendezvous with the prosecutors in the Southern District of New York. (While explaining his opposition to the Senate’s convicting Trump, McConnell pointedly noted that “impeachment was never meant to be the final forum for American justice,” and that “we have a criminal justice system” and “we have civil litigation.”) Trump’s potential problems, legal and financial, might shrink his stature in the eyes of his still-mesmerized supporters. McConnell knows, however, that the heavy lifting involved in shrinking Trump’s influence must be done by politics.

A McConnell vote to convict Trump on Saturday would have made it easier for the ex-president’s minions to cast the coming 2022 intraparty contests as binary Trump-vs.-McConnell choices. No one’s detestation of Trump matches the breadth and depth of McConnell’s, which includes a professional’s disdain for a dilettante. Trump enthusiasts are as hostile to McConnell as progressives are. He is equally impervious to the disapproval of both factions.

The Senate chaplain’s prayer that opened the impeachment trial’s first day included a familiar stanza from James Russell Lowell’s 1845 poem written during heated national debates about slavery and the looming war with Mexico: “Once to every man and nation comes the moment to decide, / In the strife of Truth with Falsehood, for the good or evil side.” A political “moment” can, however, be a protracted process, as McConnell, who titled his 2016 memoir “The Long Game,” understands.

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  1. After a short visit to FOX, we learned they were looking for the long-lost Teamster, Jimmy Hoffa. Hoffa was the leader, the man who made driving big trucks worthwhile by demanding a a good living for his union members. They loved him, supported him in everything. The powers that be hated Hoffa, were afraid of his power to strangle the economy by calling a nationwide strike.
    Hoffa was sent to prison, stripped of his leadership role, but the drivers still honored him and would have restored him to the Presidency of the Teamsters. Nothing the elites could do to end his power, but to make him disappear. Forever.
    We could name more than a few people who threatened the political and financial structures the elites have made – how about Martin Luther King, Ross Perot. or Donald Trump as examples.
    Now that MrTrump is no longer POTUS, no longer enjoying the safety of his high office, the elites plan to make him “disappear” by means of accusations, arrests for some vague criminal activity, trials to determine how he ran his businesses, and perhaps finding some personal crimes to charge that sound horrible.
    The elites never understood the appeal of a self-made billionaire to the working class. We knew all about his personal life and failures, but we knew no one gave him the key to the taxpayer’s purse, no one gave him special legislation to aid his pursuit of riches.
    They can throw the book, any book at DJT, it won’t matter to his supporters because he promised things and made those things happen. He did his best, day after day , he got nothing in return but our thanks and support.

  2. The following quote from above speaks volumes: “Trump’s enthusiasts are as hostile to McConnell as progressives are. He (McConnell) is equally impervious to the disapproval of both factions.” In plain English, McConnell couldn’t care less what people think of his evil-spirited words and actions. Such is a characteristic of the Establishment, the elite, the arrogant. McConnell stands supreme in that group. May God be and guide President Trump, that God provide President Trump with the strength, courage and wisdom in dealing with all the horrible pain and suffering being heaped on him by McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer, MSM and others who dish out nothing but hate, disunity, vengeance and all sorts of other dark evil behavior and words. God help our country.

    1. McConnell and The Swamp creatures (Pelosi, I’m looking at you), shouldn’t be in power. They’re corrupt beyond redemption. “When the government fears the people, there is liberty, when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

      1. You’ve got it 100% correct, OK Lady. People who are of a wicked mind and who are given power will abuse that power recklessly with no shame or guilt and inflict division, pain and suffering on those they govern. Past and current history clearly bears this out. Some current examples are: Venezuela’s Maduro, the North Korean leader, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Putin, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, etc., etc.
        And, you are also correct, the Swamp should not be in power and in control of our Federal Gov’t but when elections are rigged ….

  3. “No one’s detestation of Trump matches the the breadth and depth of McConnell’s.”
    This sounds like hatred.

    If Will is correct about this observation, then McConnell needs to read Victor Davis Hanson’s piece “The Wages of Trump Hatred.”

    McConnell’s portrait will not age well as it records every sin and deception, a la Dorian Gray.

    1. It sounds like hatred because it is hatred equal to, if not surpassed, by Pelosi’s hatred and contempt for President Trump. Just don’t ask Pelosi if she hates Trump. If you do, she’ll explode on you like she did on that one reporter who dared to ask her if she hated Trump. In her outburst she claimed she never hates anybody, she was never raised to be hateful thus clearly declaring her own self-righteousness. She concluded her self-righteousness remarks by ordering all reporters to NEVER use the word hate in any statement or question directed at her.

      1. As a Catholic I PRAY every day there is a special place in Hell for Pelosi…Schumer…AOC & squad…and most of the current Democrats.
        Think I might have to start adding some of todays weak-willed “establishment Republicans”…

        So Say We All!

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