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White House refuses to say whether Israel remains an important US ally

President Biden seems to be sending a pretty clear message. As expected, Israel will not be given the same treatment from a Democratic administration it gets from Republicans.

There will be much more moral equivalence with Israel’s enemies, and much more indulgence of Palestinian violence.

And Biden is probably mad Prime Minister Netanyahu waited to recognize his victory while Donald Trump challenged the election.

Biden has not spoken to Bibi yet. Trump spoke to him two days after his inauguration.

According to Fox News:

The White House Friday sidestepped a question on whether Israel and Saudi Arabia are “important allies” of the United States.

After a back-and-forth with reporters during the daily White House briefing about President Biden’s failure so far to speak with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked:

“Can you please just give a broad sense of what the administration is trying to achieve in the Middle East? For example, does the administration still consider the Saudis and the Israelis important allies?”

She responded:

“Well, you know, again, I think, we, there are ongoing processes and internal interagency processes, one that we, I think confirmed an interagency meeting just last week to discuss a range of issues in the Middle East where we’ve only been here three and a half weeks.

“And I think I’m going to let those policy processes see themselves through before we give kind of a complete lay down of what our national security approaches will be to a range of issues.”

The White House has faced growing questions over why Biden has failed to speak with the leader of Israel, a longtime strategic partner in the Middle East, since entering office more than three weeks ago.

6 thoughts on “White House refuses to say whether Israel remains an important US ally”

    1. That arrogant, clueless stuck-up Psaki CAN NOT “answer” a straight question…and these current shallow, biased dopes in this “WH press corps” DO NOT press her to answer any friggin questions!

  1. Biden behaves like a petty, vindictive man — all while smiling at you. The phrase two-faced comes to mind. Talking about supporting Israel in public (and to his donners) while undercutting in actual practice.

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