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Video || Bernie Sanders accuses Biden OMB Neera Tanden of “vicious” attacks against liberals

3 thoughts on “Video || Bernie Sanders accuses Biden OMB Neera Tanden of “vicious” attacks against liberals”

  1. Got to say, on occasion, you want to stand up and applaud Bernie for his straight forward no nonsense words. I don’t agree with this politics ever, but you have to admire his ability to see something and say something, the media be damned.


  2. Neera Tanden is an evil, evil person who craves power and who posted more frequently than did Trump.

    Bernie allowed her the time to apologize for being “caught” saying evil things – but he did not go far enough. He should have stated for the record the average statements she said against “progressives”. The only reason she deleted her tweets was that she is being nominated for this post.

    A tiger’s stripes do not change.

    Also, Bernie stated gender nouns of boys and girls. Nancy Pelosi should over-extend her boundaries and fine Bernie.

  3. Neera: “I’m sorry, I have to apologize.”

    Note: not a real quote.

    Harv, I kept thinking during Democrat’s primaries at least we know where Bernie’s politics lays, Joe was hiding for a reason.

    That said I don’t see Neera not getting confirmed despite her extreme leftist bias.

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