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Video || Biden says Xi is “undemocratic,’ but “I don’t mean it as a criticism”

This will be the new approach to China. Same as the old approach, before Donald Trump. Coddling and weakness, which is exactly what China wants and knows it can exploit.

The peril is that China, sensing weakness, may push things too far. And then there may be no choice but for the United States to respond.

From Biden’s interview with CBS’ Norah O’Donnell, broadcast Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Video || Biden says Xi is “undemocratic,’ but “I don’t mean it as a criticism””

    1. If the Chinese sink an American warship, senile Biden will send John Kerry to negotiate an agreement with the Chinese similar to the one Kerry negotiated with the Iranians under the Obama regime.

  1. Biden has no idea of what is going on and using Kerry shows his damn stupidity. Kerry has been a lying, useless, tax cheat, corrupt wannabe politician who is a failure at everything he does. Biden and his family are owned by China, so he owes them.
    Vernon Hill
    Morehead City, NC

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