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Video || Biden says Trump should stop getting intel briefings

6 thoughts on “Video || Biden says Trump should stop getting intel briefings”

  1. senile Biden “Intel Briefings”: lots of simple pictures & colors, and speaking slowly…’Russia is a bear’, ‘China is a panda’ etc.

  2. There is no reason for former elected or other government officials to be receiving the briefings. Free intel to use now in a manner that suits them. It is not right.

    Trump, Obama, Clinton, Carter, Bush — and all those others that get them — should not get this intel. They are private citizens. Period.

    Trump should have set that in motion and got that done… These professional ‘courtesy’ items with other people’s money is disgusting.

    1. The rule for giving an individual access to classified information is “need to know”. What need does any former president have except to make him feel continuing to be of importance and following national security matters for personal interest.

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