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Republicans charge Biden border wall stoppage is illegal

I wonder if President Biden will submit to the will of the courts the way Donald Trump did every time they ruled against him.

According to the Washington Times:

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee demanded an explanation Thursday from the new Homeland Security secretary about President Biden’s order to stop border wall construction, saying it “thwarts the will of Congress,” which just approved nearly $1.4 billion in new money for the project.

Led by Rep. James Comer, the ranking Republican on the panel, the GOP lawmakers also wondered in their letter why Mr. Biden’s views had changed from 2006, when he enthusiastically backed construction of 700 miles of double-tier border fence — far more than has been built under Mr. Trump.

At the time, Mr. Biden said walls could prevent “tons” of drugs from being smuggled in.

The Republicans asked new Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to turn over all documents related to Mr. Biden’s new construction halt, and asked for the department’s plans to keep the border secure in areas where wall-building is now on track to be canceled.

1 thought on “Republicans charge Biden border wall stoppage is illegal”

  1. FIRST, Republicans in the House are totally powerless. They can complain as much as they want, they can ask for documents from Homeland Security till hell freezes over, it’s all “sound and fury signifying nothing”. The majority House Democrats who are in 100% control will make sure Republicans get nowhere just like they did the ridiculous first “impeachment” hearings against President Trump. SECOND, there is the possibility the courts will uphold a democratic Biden regime on immigration just like they did for Obama’s immigration policies.

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