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Video || Rand Paul can’t get direct answer from Biden Education nominee on trans athletes

Let the destruction of girls sports begin.

The Biden administration has ruled that school athletes must be permitted to compete according to the gender they say they identify with.

This is actually going to be tragic for girls and young women who have worked their whole lives to be great at their sport, only to be competing against people who are biologically male.

Where are the women’s groups?

6 thoughts on “Video || Rand Paul can’t get direct answer from Biden Education nominee on trans athletes”

  1. You’re so right, Rebekah. Where are the women’s groups (aka feminists)???!! It took women centuries to get where we are today, yet it looks like men are still in charge and feminists are fine with it. A transgender competition category seems so obvious. A fairly simple solution.


  2. Acman can’t don a dress and smear lipstick on his face and become a woman. Ther is a difference between male and female skeletons, body shape, flesh proportions, hormone production, shape of the face/hands/feet, and many more, all because women are built/composed to bear children and nurture them – men are not.
    Nothing a man could do to his body could ever make him a woman. Nothing.

  3. I coached girls and boys hs track 1982 to 1997. Happily I had five 5A state champion hurdlers at two schools of both genders. What I know is that I had my best girls race the jv boys in practice to become winners. I challenged my district for equitable (not equal) girls locker rooms, and won. I fought to reinstate a male disqualified for wearing a headband in a semi. He won state with copious hairspray. No. Science is on the side of biological girls. Full stop.

  4. Sorry the feminists movement has earned this by demanding the military accept that there was no difference in men and women. They have aced out men in Ranger training because females took their spots and washed out. Transgenders have demanded we allow them to use whatever bathroom they desire that day, and don’t you say a word against it. This is the demorat party and feminists. Get use to it. Should have stopped this BS decades ago.

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