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Liberal actress roasts Biden with video mashup for “bait and switch” on $2K checks

I don’t remember anyone saying “$1,400 on top of the $600 you already got” when Biden and the Democrats were successfully campaigning to win two Georgia Senate seats.

Do you?

According to Fox News:

Susan Sarandon is calling out President Biden and his fellow Democrats, accusing them of a “bait and switch” move regarding stimulus checks for Americans struggling with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Previously promised checks of $2,000 are now being pegged around $1,400, she noted.

“the diff between $1,400 & $2K is a matter of survival,” the star wrote in a Twitter message.


Sarandon, 74, an Oscar winner for best actress for her role in 1995’s “Dead Man Walking,” isn’t letting Biden and his supporters get away with unfulfilled promises.

9 thoughts on “Liberal actress roasts Biden with video mashup for “bait and switch” on $2K checks”

  1. Based on the evidence presented by the Trump legal team, I would not interpret the democrat “successful” campaign to win the GA two senate seats as something positive, rather as something negative in the sense that they rigged the election to “successfully” steal the election just like they did the NOV 3 election to tilt the NOV 3 election to senile Joe.

  2. One thing about Susan Sarandon, she has always been willing to dish it out to her own side when she thinks they are wrong. And this time, I agree with her: they promised $2,000 for everyone in their vote-buying fenzy, and by george they should have to come up with two grand. We all know they will spend it anyway!

  3. Here I am, on the other side and in the weeds again: It is illegal to promise money to voters for a certain vote.
    ILLEGAL. I don’t care if it’s $2,000 or $2, it is illegal to buy votes in every state.
    When Biden promised to give everyone $2,000 if his candidate won, then he committed a felony.
    Of course the liberal actress doesn’t care about the law, none of them seem to do on any issue if it suits them, but it is illegal to buy votes.
    Maybe she can file a “friend of the court” lawsuit against Biden on behalf of the “cheated” voters who didn’t get what was promised. Love to see that!

    1. Hell they haven’t even paid out the $600per person from the last time. My hubby and I have to claim it on our taxes. No checks for us, despite direct deposit the first time.

      1. Sarah, I received a $600 Direct Deposit on Jan.4.

        Sen. Tim Scott of SC said there still $900 unspent from Trump’s stimulus. Why pass a bill for new money before the old money has not been spent?

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