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Biden decides to work from home and cancel speech over two inches of snow

Can you imagine? He nixed a speech at the State Department because of a tiny snowstorm in Washington.

The White House said it was doing so for the safety of State Department workers.

So these people, and President Biden, are going to confront our enemies, but they are afraid of two inches of snow.

Imagine what they must be thinking in Russia.

According to the New York Post:

President Biden decided to work from home — the White House — Monday despite what New Yorkers getting pounded by a foot-and-a-half of snow would consider a mere dusting for DC, as just about 2 inches coated the nation’s capital.

Biden kept late-afternoon plans to host 10 Republican senators to discuss COVID-19 relief at the White House, but canceled plans to speak at the State Department a few blocks away.

After 10 p.m. Sunday, Biden tweeted a daytime photo of himself outside a snowy West Wing, writing, “Grateful for the short commute on days like these.”

Hours later, a White House official confirmed to a pool reporter that the State Department trip was nixed due to the snow.

“He looks forward to visiting later this week when the agency’s staff and diplomats can more safely commute to attend,” the official said.

7 thoughts on “Biden decides to work from home and cancel speech over two inches of snow”

    1. Perfect description. Didn’t the Left make snide comments about Trump and rain somewhere overseas? It wasn’t really due to rain, but something security related as I recall, but the media rolled with the rain excuse anyway.

    1. … follow on that… I think to level-headed people, Biden and his codependent bunch have revealed it already — it will just take more time for more people to acknowledge what is in front of their eyes…..

  1. I agree that “level-headed” people are aware about the truth of Biden, specially those who totally support President Trump’s policies. It will take time for more Americans to become aware because there is a massive effort by powerful forces (MSM, Big Tech, Social Media, etc.) to keep it hidden. Slowly but surely, the truth about this senile, Wicked Wizard of the West will be revealed to more and more people in spite of the fact that the powerful forces are doing their best to keep him behind those heavy, thick, sound proof curtains.

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