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Video || White House makes climate change a race issue

“It is all about justice,” says Biden climate Adviser Gina McCarthy in this new White House video.

“Climate change is a racial justice issue because it exacerbates the challenges in the communities that have been left behind,” she says. “It goes after the very same communities that pollution has held back, and that racism had held back,” says McCarthy. “Climate change impacts the people, that have been left behind, the communities that have been marginalized by systemic racism . . . climate justice is about equal rights.”

So therefore, one can conclude, if you oppose or question the climate change agenda you oppose racial justice. Get what’s going on here?

9 thoughts on “Video || White House makes climate change a race issue”

  1. Will we ever get out of the systemic racism loop? Aren’t there any Democrat leaders willing to stand up for all Americans? The answer is no. Democrat leaders only get upset when Kamala Harris conducts an interview in their state without permission.

  2. The WH is also taking away $30 billion from the farmers and spend it on climate change. You remember Trump got tough with China and China did not buy soybeans in order to punish Trump.

  3. WTF is she talking about…!?!?
    So…when Blacks burn down their neighborhoods (like over summer 2020) in the name of “racism!” -lol…do they know burning down their neighborhoods is polluting and releasing sooo much green house gases!

    1. Not only are they causing pollution, they are also destroying the businesses of human beings of different races. I would venture to say these are mostly black small businesses. Their businesses and livelihoods have been destroyed. They will suffer much. This is the greater tragedy.

  4. It seems like the Democrats are planning to destroy the United States of America, or at the very least, trying to destroy every good thing President Trump accomplished.

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