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Green energy industry layered Biden with greenbacks and will reap its reward

What surprises me here is that the industry itself only made $11 million in political donations.

Talk about getting a major return on investment!

According to Fox News:

The green industry heavily relies on government-awarded funds, and with Biden promising to lean heavily in their direction, the industry as a whole contributed more than $11 million in political donations in 2020, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The center noted that while this amount pales in comparison to the $1 billion Biden’s campaign raised in total, it is still more than double what the industry had given in the past.

Biden’s campaign, in particular, received more than $3 million that had been raised by Clean Energy for Biden, which describes itself as “a network of clean economy business leaders and advocates” that looked to get Biden elected and “advance policies, technologies and investment to address the climate challenge.” The group says it plans to remain active under the name Clean Energy for America. The organization’s executive council includes more than 50 green industry leaders.

According to the Washington Post, another group, known as Climate Leaders for Biden, raised close to $15 million in support of Biden through GiveGreen, a platform geared toward helping donors give toward candidates who support climate change action.