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Video || John Kerrie Antoinette: “Let them make solar panels”

It takes someone with complete and permanent financial security to come up with the notion that a 50-year-old guy who has been in the fossil fuel industry all his life is suddenly going to be trained to do something else that will earn him a similar living.

Like making solar panels.

Please at least be honest with us and tell us your policies are going to put some people out of work. Your policies, not the market. Because after Barack Obama said manufacturing jobs weren’t coming back, Donald Trump brought them back.

10 thoughts on “Video || John Kerrie Antoinette: “Let them make solar panels””

  1. This is OT but in the same speech he said the 90% of the pollution came from outside of the USA. The Paris Accords put the burden on the USA. China and India did not have to abide by the Accords until 2030. The USA would contribute to a fund which is controlled by the UN. The USA would not get credit for the foreign aid the UN would.

  2. Hi Rebekah,

    Should the title be “John Kerry”? Or am I missing a joke with his name being spelled “John Kerrie”? LOL. I never know what to believe in today’s world.

    1. For all of you tenured/mature Best of the Web fans – as James Taranto would say:

      The haughty, French-looking former junior senator Democrat, who by the way served in Vietnam.

  3. Yesterday someone said it best: John Kerry’s greatest lifetime achievement was marrying a rich lady.

    Yachts, private jets, mansions, ….. and HE is telling us how it should be.

    For a moment, imagine an uber wealthy Conservative talking this way, the media backlash would be deafening.

  4. My John Kerry favorite is the photo of him wind surfing along the East Coast. The unstated message was “What are the poor people doing?”

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