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Supposedly objective CNN reporter adores Biden call with Putin

According to Fox News:

A CNN correspondent lauded the “impressively productive” call President Joe Biden had with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week, citing the eagerness of Putin to agree to a five-year extension of the New START nuclear arms treaty.

“It certainly does seem to have been very productive, in fact, impressively productive,” Frederik Pleitgen said during a live dispatch from Moscow.

“It really seems as though it’s a whole different way of going about these calls under the Biden administration than it was under the Trump administration.”

Pleitgen framed the extension of the New START treaty as a place Biden succeeded where former President Donald Trump had failed, but the Trump administration had purposefully waited until last year to begin talks on prolonging the pact and issued demands that were not met, such as China joining the agreement.

The reporter injects his own bias by assuming such friendly calls with Putin are a good thing. If Donald Trump had had a friendly call with Putin, he would have been accused of collusion. And it also assumes that extending  the START treaty is a good idea. In fact, the START treaty benefits Russia because it does not cover Russia’s vast number of tactical nuclear weapons, among other things. The treaty plays to Russia’s strengths.

3 thoughts on “Supposedly objective CNN reporter adores Biden call with Putin”

  1. And why does NO ONE ever mention all of god-damn Red China’s fancy new, modern & updated (thanks to the ole Clinton admin) nuclear missiles…???
    Do some self-research; the god-damn Red Chinese have some nice new Air-Space-Cyber-Sea weapons systems!
    Being a US Navy Vet, I see the Chinese Navy kicking some USN butt…and giving us a Guadalcanal-style defeat in WESTPAC in the future :-|

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