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House GOP leader McCarthy to meet with Trump

Donald Trump will host House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in Florida Thursday for a meeting about . . . something.

Not sure what yet.

But the session is the latest sign that Republicans in Washington jumped the gun a bit in starting to distance themselves from Trump. Because the rest of the Republican Party that exists outside the Beltway ain’t ready to do that yet.

McCarthy initially made a statement to the effect that Trump bore some responsibility for the Capitol Hill riot. McCarthy had suggested censuring Trump.

Now he’s questioning why House Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney voted to impeach Trump.  And headed to Florida for a meeting with him.

And it is a sign that despite not having access to Twitter – the former president of the United State not having access to Twitter – Trump is not going underground.


4 thoughts on “House GOP leader McCarthy to meet with Trump”

  1. The elected elite in DC panicked when confronted by the kind of rioters that the ‘little people’ around the country deal with now and then.
    Absolutely Panicked!
    We hope that our elected officials can be deliberative, thoughtful in things that matter , but it seems that hysteria is common there.

    If they had any idea of the mood of the country, they really should be nervous. There isn’t any violence planned, regardless of frantic shouting by authorities, but rather a new plan to change some faces in our Congress.

  2. Hi Rebekah,

    Great job holding-down-the-fort for Keith. Can you please provide an article reference for your post above, or where this information came from, so I can read more about it? There was no link or context given. Thank you!

  3. The phrase ‘living rent free in the Gimmiedats’ (my name for the Dems) heads’ is much too simple to describe what’s happening here. President Trump is proving to be a master of psywar, twisting and warping their minds, forcing them to constantly ‘look over their shoulders’, become collectively more hysterical in their rantings, and drive harder for the fringes of sanity in their proposals. The picture they’re presenting to the American people reminds one of Oscar Wilde’s novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray”.

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