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Biden climate plan targets racial and economic disparities

Social planning through national energy and environmental planning. The Biden energy plan kills two birds with one stone.

If you like government running the show, then this is a plan for you.

According to the Washington Post:

President Biden will make tackling America’s persistent racial and economic disparities a central part of his plan to combat climate change, prioritizing environmental justice for the first time in a generation.

As part of an unprecedented push to cut the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions and create new jobs as the United States shifts toward cleaner energy, Biden will direct agencies across the federal government to invest in low-income and minority communities that have traditionally borne the brunt of pollution, according to the White House.

Biden will sign an executive order establishing a White House interagency council on environmental justice, create an office of health and climate equity at the Health and Human Services Department, and form a separate environmental justice office at the Justice Department. The order also directs the government to spend 40 percent of its sustainability investments on disadvantaged communities.

Cathleen Kelly, a fellow who focuses on energy and environment at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank, called the expected actions “a historic commitment.”

“The executive order will help to lay out a clear path to implementing President Biden’s climate and justice commitments,” Kelly said. “It will get the gears turning in each agency across the federal government. With Biden in the White House and the current leaders we have in Congress, this year represents an unprecedented opportunity to have executive and legislative action.”

4 thoughts on “Biden climate plan targets racial and economic disparities”

  1. China virus
    What? A wonderful use of double-speak.
    China virus.
    A whole trash bin of words that mean nothing to the listener because the true intent is to spend money on dubious projects
    China virus.

  2. I watched Kerry and a person named Gina talk government talk about how important climate change is to all of us, so much that we must eliminate as many jobs as possible.

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