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Judge blocks Biden 100-day moratorium on deportations

Amazing. A federal judge is blocking immigration orders made by a Democratic president instead of by Donald Trump.

Let’s see if they respect the judiciary as meticulously as Trump did. Despite being an “autocrat,” Trump  obeyed all the courts’ orders.

According to Fox News:

A federal judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked President Biden’s attempt to put a moratorium on deportations for 100 days.

After Texas sued over the policy, the judge blocked Biden, via a temporary restraining order, from moving forward for 14 days.

Texas’ lawsuit claims that the administration would be violating an agreement it has with the Department of Homeland Security – and would require at least 180 days’ notice, as well as consultation, prior to implementing changes in immigration policy. It is unclear whether those terms are enforceable, but similar agreements were struck with several other states under the former administration.

The U.S. district judge implemented a nationwide injunction because a geographically-limited order would not adequately protect Texas’ interests due to “the free flow of movement” of illegal aliens from other states.

3 thoughts on “Judge blocks Biden 100-day moratorium on deportations”

  1. The Federal Judge issuing the ruling was an appointee of Trump. Mark one up for Trump.

    U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton, an appointee of former President Donald Trump in the Southern District of Texas, issued a temporary restraining order that blocks the policy nationwide for 14 days following a legal challenge by Texas.

  2. The Austin American Statesman cited U S District Judge Tipton as having written, as one basis for his ruling, that the Biden administration and key federal agencies that deal with immigration do not have discretion to completely disregard federal code that says when an alien is ordered removed, the Attorney General shall remove the alien from the United States within a period of 90 days.” The key words here are SHALL REMOVE. Let’s hope the upper courts will enforce the law of the land.

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