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Video || Biden gets defensive with reporter after simple question

President Biden Thursday issued the first official “C’mon man” of his presidency, this one in response to a reporter who asked a simple question about whether he should try to exceed his goal of one million vaccines shot into one million arms in his first 100 days.

Actually it wasn’t exactly a “C’mon man,” but same general idea. He added in another favorite go-to, “give me a break.”

“When I announced it, you all said, it’s not possible, c’mon, give me a break man,” he said.

The press has been pretty good at giving him a break, I’d say.

Who said its not possible?

Listen to the urgency of the press minder shooing everyone out. This is going to be a dramatic change from a president who took all the questions reporters had to ask.

9 thoughts on “Video || Biden gets defensive with reporter after simple question”

  1. Appears he won’t use Twitter much. I want to see the first time he leaves the WH to board the helicopter. The Washington Press Corps Dinner will be a love fest.

    1. Senile Biden will not use Twitter much, if at all. Unlike President Trump, Senile Biden is not interested in directly contacting and informing Americans who love our country as to what he is doing for the good of our nation and on behalf of hard working, honest, decent Americans. Why should he? Senile Biden won’t be doing anything good for country.

      1. One does not need Twitter to directly contact Americans. Speaking works just fine. I enjoyed Trump’s press conferences more than the Tweets.

    2. Panama,
      Good point about senile Biden walking out to Marine One helo. I want to see that too…Biden is physically weak & senile. Will that witch Jill have to put ear muffs on him and hold his arm guiding him…???

    3. I can almost guarantee that most of the “jokes” at the WH Press Correspondents dinner this year will be about President Trump. In fact, the very worst digs will probably be scripted for Slow Joe… you know, Mr. “Unity”.

  2. After working their asses off for 4 years actively trying to diminish Trump, the press is looking forward to their coming 4 year vacation. Kinda like teachers who don’t want to return to the classroom, cuz it’s so easy to “work” from home.

    1. The press deserve to be treated badly, look at how they treated President Trump and us. I hope they get their deserved mistreatment, in spades!

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