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Schumer says Trump trial scheduled for week of Feb. 8

That is supposed to give President Trump and his team time to get ready.

Are you kidding me? This is hardly due process, given the speed of the impeachment.

Anyway, it represents a bit of a compromise. Democrats were thinking of doing this right away. But Mitch McConnell insisted that Trump have at least some time to prepare. Not to be nice, but to make sure he has no excuses after McConnell arranges to convict him and then bar him from running for office again.

Because Mitch McConnell is back in the saddle and deciding whom Republicans can support and whom they can’t.

4 thoughts on “Schumer says Trump trial scheduled for week of Feb. 8”

  1. Why are thy doing something that won’t matter after the Supreme Court gives their opinion?
    It’s perfectly clear what MrTrump said that day, not a secret.

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