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Democrats think riots are fine as long as they are West of the Beltway

As far as I’m aware, President Biden, House Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Schumer have all failed to condemn the renewed violence in Seattle and Portland.

Is the property on Capitol Hill so much more valuable than the property of the small business owner who pays taxes that keep the heat in the Capitol?

I haven’t spoken with him specifically about those events but it’s something our national security team … the homeland security adviser is closely monitoring, of course,” Psaki said when asked about the violence. She refuses to comment on it.

3 thoughts on “Democrats think riots are fine as long as they are West of the Beltway”

  1. Of course the Democrats don’t care about riots if they don’t occur in their office spaces and specially when the riots take place in democratically controlled areas which it seems that’s where just about all of them occur. In addition, these elites don’t care about the non-elites who own small businesses. These elites did raise a stink about the capitol bldg riots because the riots came to them and, more importantly, it was a golden opportunity to blame President Trump and use it as a devious groundless basis to impeach the President.

  2. The left casually accepts the destruction of small businesses and communities throughout the US, yet is outraged about the capital. Has anyone told them the capital holds statues honoring dead white male racists?

    Thanks for pointing out the left’s hypocrisy! It happens so often, one almost wants to yawn — but we can’t if we care about America.

  3. “We had our National Security team here at 12:01 to monitor for any unrest we thought CAUSED by Trump supporters. Any other unrest are people expressing their frustrations but it’s their rights!”

    Spokesperson Psaki

    Note this is not a real quote :-)

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