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Live stream || Jen Psaki holds White House briefing – January 21, 2021

Scheduled to begin at 4 pm ET/

2 thoughts on “Live stream || Jen Psaki holds White House briefing – January 21, 2021”

  1. What is new w/regards to today’s COVID memos / orders issued by biden? Sounds no different from what is already in place. Of course, now Amazon has jumped into the ring after the inauguration… how convenient. PS: I wish Miss Jen would quit playing with her hair. If she thinks were watching her because she’s a beauty, she’s a bit mistaken. Just deliver the information and answer the questions honestly, Jann. That’s all we ask for

  2. Oh jeez… You ask this stuck-up Psaki a question and she talks for 5 minutes before not answering the question :-|

    We are back to the USELESS SYCOPHANT so-called “WH Press Corps”
    Everytime the useless “press” asks a ‘question’ and stuck-up Psaki ‘answers’…I throw up in my mouth alittle

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