In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Video || McConnell says mob that stormed the Capitol was “provoked” by Trump

5 thoughts on “Video || McConnell says mob that stormed the Capitol was “provoked” by Trump”

  1. Right. We were provoked in 2016 by the Obama regime and the pathetic Repubs to vote for DJT.
    We are more provoked now by the actions of the Dems and the pathetic Repubs who fear the American public like no political person has before.
    Admit it…….you’re afraid of us and you should be. We are not to be pushed aside, insulted, or forgotten ever again.
    It may not be TRump in 2024, but it will be someone we believe it.

    1. Damn Straight srdem65…
      I was provoked by 4 years of bitter HATE & HYPOCRISY spewed from the arrogant, shallow, biased ” main stream media” and hate-filled moron-retard-dirt bag-criminals of the “Democrats-socialist-progressives” in that cesspool of the US Congress

  2. Things are never quite as they seem…
    Tweet from Paul Sperry, I have asterisked out the bad language.

    READ: In 18-pp arrest warrant for helping lead Congress riots,FBI confirms John “JaydenX” Sullivan’s role as BLM riot organizer(“We got to rip Trump out of office…get that m*****f****r”). After G. Floyd,founded Insurgence USA,called for abolishing police

  3. Any Republican senator who goes along with that, is committing political suicide.

    The turtle may have developed, you could say, more flexibility after his last election, but the rest of his caucus doesn’t have that luxury. Any Republican who votes to convict an already-departed president, will have primary challengers lining up to take them on, with plenty of lead time to build a campaign war chest.

  4. Go ahead Mitch, do it. While your at it, Swamp Rat, switch over to the commie rat bastard party. I’m done with the losers of the gutless Republican party, soon as the Patriot Party is stood up I’m joining. McConnell is as dirty as Hunter and Joe Bite-me and owned by the Chi-com’s. May all you gutless cowards rot in hell. The fight goes on.

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