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Kamala Harris might preside over Trump impeachment trial

I doubt she could resist the urge to do it. But if she decides to preside, please let’s not have any more nonsense, even from Democrats, about the Biden administration seeking to unite the country.

According to Fox News:

One of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ first tasks in her new job could be to preside over an impeachment trial of President Trump.

Politico reported on Tuesday that Chief Justice John Roberts “wants no further part” in overseeing the politically charged situation after he presided over the first impeachment trial of Trump less than one year ago.

The Constitution says that in impeachments for presidents, the chief justice of the Supreme Court is the presiding officer. For lesser impeachments, the presiding officer has been the same as for other Senate business — either the vice president or a senator. The Constitution is not clear on who should preside over impeachments for former presidents.

If Roberts does not preside over a Senate trial, Harris would likely have the choice of whether to preside herself. The transition organization for the incoming Biden administration did not respond to a request for comment asking whether Harris would do that.