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Video || Karen Pence gets emotional during farewell speech

Karen Pence became emotional during what is probably her final public speech, delivered at Fort Drum in New York.

She is talking about one of her causes, which certainly didn’t receive the attention it deserved or that would have been given a Democratic Second Lady, that of military spouses.

3 thoughts on “Video || Karen Pence gets emotional during farewell speech”

  1. I don’t recall MrsBiden getting much press when she was Second Lady.
    The whole idea that the Frist Lady, & Second Lady must do something worthwhile is a tradition locked from years ago when the “lady of the manor” did good things for the peasants.
    There’s no reason President or Vice President’s wives should do anything other than what they want to do or elect to do nothing at all.

    MrsObama went overboard with her ‘fat kids behinds’ program , changing school lunches, hugging every living body in reach and generally offending everyone.

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