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Biden volunteers at Philadelphia food bank

Oh my God, someone stop him, it looks like he is slowing everything up!

Can you say, “photo op”? Same guy who donates less that 2 percent of his salary to charity

11 thoughts on “Biden volunteers at Philadelphia food bank”

  1. Very weird. With his sunglasses, hat and mask, you really can’t even see that it is him.

    O/T, Rebekah, do you know how one would go about sending a letter to President Trump after he leaves the WH?

  2. One more thing, did Kamal joke with Joe and tell him they’re still campaigning!

    Joe always speaks, he’s a talker. Didn’t say one word. Not even to the person helping him. Again very weird!

    Did the people behind the curtain send him on an “errand to keep him busy”?

    1. George – the same reason he spent Thanksgiving Eve morning discussing with Jill who would be invited to Thanksgiving dinner. He tries to show he’s one of us, but also shows he’s not serious about being president.

    2. Hi George,

      Sorry- I didn’t mean to sound rude or make you mad. I legit thought I missed a story about this. (I never know what to believe in this day and age anymore. LOL.)

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