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Republicans refuse to go on the record saying they will acquit Trump

President Trump’s acquittal in the Senate is no sure thing. There are some veteran GOP lawmakers and other establishment Republicans, starting with Mitch McConnell, who believe they need to do whatever they can to ensure that Trump never becomes president again.

Some never liked Trump. Others are angry that their workplace was invaded. And still others are blaming him for Republicans’ failure to win the Georgia runoffs and the resulting loss of a Senate majority.

According to Fox News:

President Trump’s chances for an acquittal in his upcoming Senate impeachment trial are unclear, as most Republicans either refuse comment on how they will vote or say they are undecided.

Fox News contacted every Republican who will be serving as a senator after President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20, when the trial is likely to begin.

Given that a two-thirds majority is needed to convict, seventeen Republicans would have to vote in favor of the impeachment, assuming all 50 Democrats do so.

But only 13 GOP senators volunteered that they will vote to acquit Trump on the House-passed impeachment resolution, which charged the president with “incitement of insurrection.”

Based on responses to Fox News and publicly available statements, ten Republicans are undecided. Three refused to comment, and another 24 did not respond, despite repeated requests for comment over two days of inquiries.

Only ten Republicans in the House crossed the aisle to support the impeachment resolution, which passed Wednesday.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is among those who say they want to listen to the arguments before casting a vote.

“While the press has been full of speculation, I have not made a final decision on how I will vote and I intend to listen to the legal arguments when they are presented to the Senate,” the majority leader said in a memo to GOP senators Wednesday that was obtained by Fox News.

Sen. Richard Shelby, of Alabama, is among those who agree.

3 thoughts on “Republicans refuse to go on the record saying they will acquit Trump”

  1. For President Trump to be convicted, 2/3rd of the Senators must vote for conviction. If my math is correct, this means 67 Republicans must vote for conviction assuming all 50 Democrats vote for conviction. Unlike Republicans, Democrats stick together. If convicted, there is pressure for a corrupt Biden, Kamala DOJ/FBI to file charges against private citizen Trump, bring him to trial, find a corrupt Judge and get him to find Trump guilty and send him to jail. This is the worst case scenario. If this happens, Pelosi, Democrats, their enablers and supporters will have accomplished the job that Meuller and his vicious bull dog team were not able to accomplish. This will also be a strong signal to anybody who is thinking of running for President and who is thinking on running on a Trump-like agenda to think twice. For the sake of our nation, I pray this worst case scenario will not occur.

  2. “Others are angry that their workplace was invaded.”

    They were able to return to work in their workplace that same evening!

    The countless local businesses across the country that were looted, burned and destroyed last summer weren’t so lucky.

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